Protect Italian Players With AAMS Regulates

AAMS stands for Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli di Stato. It is an important license for online gambling in Italy. The license protects the Italian players and offers them a safer environment for playing. While choosing any online sports betting portal, some important parameters should consider for safe entertainment. Pay proper attention to the AAMS logo on the portal. AAMS certified that the portal is legal and safe to play. The portals that do not have any AAMS certification, can be shut down any time by the authority. The player’s money will also go with the seized of the portal. So AAMS not only offers a safe playing environment, but it also ensures the financial safety of the Italian players.

AAMS license

AAMS license requirement:

The AAMS Italian scheme for players needs some requirements to fulfill. Some important requirements are,

  • The company must manage their game in Europe with a turnover of at least €1,500,000 in the previous 2 years.
  • The company must provide a stable, secure, user-friendly, and protected playing environment to the players.
  • Casinos should not advertise to underage players.
  • Winners’ money must be given within a week.
  • Players must maintain a 90% margin of winning.
  • The company must be an Italian limited company constitution.
  • All the technological facilities need to locate in the European countries.

There are some more requirements that an AAMS registered casino needs to maintain.

AAMS self-exclusion program:

Gambling becomes a problem in Italy, because of its excessive addiction. 3% of the unhealthy population falls under the gambling category. This serious problem gambling problem led AAMS to create a self-execution scheme. The main work of this scheme is to prevent any negative figures which can cause an increase in Europe’s most profitable market. This benefits the players, as well as the market, and the regulatory body.

AAMS not only protects the Italian players, it also regulates the casino market. It is really important to regulate this huge market and nullify the chance of financial fraud. So AAMS is an extremely important body for the market.