Understanding Gambling Laws In Australia

Gambling is not legal throughout the globe. Some countries have that legal permission to run casinos or gambling sites in their country. But they have some strict rules and regulations that every casino or gambling site owner should follow. Otherwise, their license can be canceled. Like the UK and USA, Australia also has some strict laws about gambling in their country. In this article, we are going to understand those. Here I am going to briefly discuss gambling laws in Australia.

General policies:

The Prime Minister of Australia released a statement on December 16, 1999, stating that the expansion of gambling in Australia should be stopped, the effects of gambling on families and the country must be checked, authorities should think about internet gambling and customer protection. After that in the years 2000 and 2001, there has been published a lot of rules and regulations that stopped interactive gambling in Australia and created a good team to ensure the prohibition of gambling advertisements and internet gambling.

strict laws about gambling

Various inquiries:

There had been a lot of inquiries going on in Australia at that time and here I am going to briefly discuss them.

The Productivity Commission Inquiry

The productivity commission Inquiry took place on August 26, 1998. This Inquiry was about the performance of gambling sites and casinos all over Australia and the effects of it on the economic growth of the country and the effect on the families. The final report of this inquiry was submitted in 1999.

Senate Select Committee Report on Online Gambling

The Senate Select Committee Report on Online Gambling was started on May 31, 1999. This was about the impact of gambling on the country, how to stop online gambling sites, and the legalization process. The final report was submitted on March 16, 2000.

The NOIE Inquiry

On 2000, July 7, the NOIE Inquiry took place. This Inquiry was about the legalization process of gambling sites and casinos, how to ban online sites, their economic and financial condition. The final report was submitted on 27th March 2001.

State and territory defined laws:

Not only these but in Australia, there are also laws according to the states and territories under Australia. The authorities checked the financial, economical and family problems of those states and territories and stated some specific laws. The states and territories where specific laws are assigned are Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Queensland, etc.