Are Online Casinos Illegal in Australia?

The casino has always been played with full enthusiasm and very lethargic rules all over the world. However, due to the pandemic situations, the invention of new ways of gambling and playing casinos have been introduced. These are the online casino games that attract real money for people and also promise quick withdrawal of their earned money.

However, these games have been one of the only supports to the people in their life inside the 4 walls of their house for about 1 year now. This has turned into a serious addiction for a lot of people as they are playing, winning as well as losing online casino games 24 by 7 throughout the past year.

What measures have been taken in Australia regarding online casinos?

Some countries like Australia have decided to take some strict action towards these online casino websites and their addicts by banning a lot of them and making the others illegal at least for Australian residents. This has been a very drastic step and the Australian government has taken a lot of measures to do so eventually and effectively.

The government of Australia has created a unique and specialized gambling blacklist in Australia to start tracking the online casino websites that make people addicted to the same. One by one, all these websites are getting closed or banned by the Australian government and this is due to the overuse of this website and the addiction to gambling that it is causing to the people.

There exist a lot of blocked gambling websites in Australia that have been checked till now and still, there are numerous to be blocked or blacklisted yet. Only some specific types of online casinos are allowed in Australia now and these may include-

  • Red Dog Casino
  • AussiePlay
  • JoeFortune
  • Cobra Casino, and so on.

online casinos

These are still kept legal because of the rules and regulations that they are following strictly. However, other online casinos, and especially gambling websites have been banned from Australia as per the new gaming & networking rules there.

Due to the action of making gambling illegal in Australia, a lot of people have been facing problems. Strict actions are being taken for making online casinos illegal in Australia. The Australian authorities have been taking strict actions to close all the online casino sites and make them unavailable for the citizens of Australia. Also, officially, orders have been passed for the same.

This may have disrupted the lifestyle of lots of people in Australia but has also brought relief to the family members and closed ones of the gamblers. Therefore, both negative, as well as positive impacts of the online casino websites closure, is seen in Australia and this is surely going to continue for some more time now.