CRUKS – Protection from Online Casino in the Netherlands

It has been observed for the past 2 years that online casino gaming activities have been increasing rapidly. People are getting more and more involved in this gambling form and there exists no check on their gaming addictions at all. To resolve this problem, Netherland has introduced a special scheme called Netherlands gaming and the crux exclusion scheme which is basically a tool to reduce addiction to online gambling in people.

What is CRUKS?

CRUKS is a scheme specially designed to keep the vulnerability of addicted gamblers in control. This scheme keeps a proper track of the gambling activities of players so that they do not exceed their normal or daily game limit. Keeping everyday gaming limits in check will be useful for avoiding gamblers to go on playing all day long and get addicted to the games.

The Netherlandish cruks self-exclusion tool can provide a lot of benefits to the people and can make the addicts of gambling release their addictions slowly. Also, the ones who have just entered into the online casino and gambling field will be within proper game limits and will not turn into gambling addicts in the future. Also, their excitement about online casinos will not turn into an obsession for the same and their professional and personal life will be quite appropriate.

Netherlands gaming

Ways in which CRUKS can protect against Online Casino in the Netherlands:-

Following are some ways in which CRUKS – protection from an online casinos in the Netherlands can work effectively for the government as well as the people of Netherlands-

Giving Licensed Details of the person is compulsory for Registration:

The person who wants to register on online casino websites should provide only the licensed and authentic details about himself. These details will be cross-checked for a while and then the registration process of the person will either be continued or canceled.


Reduction in the Number of Fake Players is Facilitated through Database Checks:

Constant database checks are done and fake players are detected instantly through the same. After that, the profile of that player is banned and their registration is permanently canceled.

Regular audits are conducted to check the record of every Player:

Every player’s gaming records are checked thoroughly in the regular audits conducted according to the necessity. The auditors will also have the power to ban any player from all the online casino games if he/she is detected playing more than usual or breaking any other rules.

All the above ways are some of the most effective ones to keep people of the Netherlands miles away from the destructive addiction of gambling and online casino games. Therefore, the use of the above ways can also be adopted by other countries that are eager to eradicate online casino culture from them and make their citizens completely free from gambling and online casino addiction.