Breaking Bad: Phases Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a very bad addiction like drugs. You try to help yourself, but you can not. Every addiction has some stages. The primary stages are not so hard to cure. People who are in the first stage of addiction can be cured very easily. But if you are in the last stage, it is very difficult to cure. Gambling is exactly like cancer. The first stage is curable, but the last stage is not.

Stages of gambling addiction:

In this section, I am going to talk about the stages of gambling addiction. Here are mainly four stages of gambling addiction, those are- the winning phase, the losing phase, the desperation phase, and the hopeless phase. Let us check out those briefly.

stages of gambling addiction

Winning phase or the primary stage-

The winning phase is the first and primary phase of gambling addiction. In gambling, there are chances of winning and losing both. In gambling, primarily you start winning so that the gambling industry can gain your trust, and slowly you will start believing that this is the simplest way to earn money. When you win, your mind will tell you to earn more. So you bet more. This is the first phase, which is the winning phase.

Losing phase-

After winning some amount you started losing. No matter how you spend, on gambling, you can lose more than 90% of the time. When you start losing you will spend more in the expectation of winning more to compensate for your previous losses.

Desperation phase-

The next step is the desperation phase. In this phase, people become very desperate to win. After such big losses, they want to win a great amount of money, which is quite impossible. In this stage, they can rob or threaten people for money to bet.

Last phase or hopeless phase-

The last phase of gambling addiction is the hopeless phase. In this phase, nothing matters to the addicts. They think of themselves as alone and nobody loves them. This is the stage where people get addicted to alcohol, smoking, and even drugs. In some cases, addicts attempt suicide.